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What is Organisation Engineering? An Introduction to the Essential Tasks for Growing Businesses

March 02, 20232 min read


Organisation engineering is the practice of designing, implementing, and optimising the structure, processes, and systems of an organisation to improve its performance. Similar to how engineers diagnose and solve problems, optimise processes, and design and build new things, organisation engineers focus on achieving the same goals within an organisation. In this blog post, we'll explore the key tasks of organisation engineering and how they can help growing businesses tackle challenges related to leadership, productivity, clarity, and culture.

Diagnose and Solve Problems

One of the essential tasks of organisation engineering is diagnosing and solving problems. For example, a growing business may face challenges related to leadership, such as a lack of clear direction, communication breakdowns, or ineffective decision-making. An organisation engineer may work with the leadership team to diagnose the underlying issues and implement solutions to address them, such as a new communication system or a leadership development program.

Optimise and Improve Processes

Another critical task of organisation engineering is optimising and improving processes. A growing business may face productivity challenges, such as inefficiencies or bottlenecks in processes that lead to delays, errors, or low morale. An organisation engineer may work to identify areas of waste or inefficiency and implement solutions to streamline and improve processes, such as by automating repetitive tasks or standardising workflows.

Design and Build New Things

Finally, organisation engineering involves designing and building new things. For example, a growing business may face clarity challenges, such as a lack of clear roles and responsibilities, or unclear performance metrics. An organisation engineer may design and implement new systems or tools to improve clarity, such as a new performance management system or a process for defining and communicating roles and responsibilities.

Culture Challenges

Organisation engineering also involves tackling culture challenges, such as low morale or high turnover rates. An organisation engineer may work to identify the underlying issues causing these challenges, such as a lack of employee engagement or a negative workplace culture. They may then implement solutions to foster a positive and productive workplace culture, such as promoting diversity and inclusion or providing growth opportunities for employees.


Organisation engineering is a critical practice for growing businesses that want to improve their performance and achieve their goals faster. By diagnosing and solving problems, optimising and improving processes, designing and building new things, and tackling culture challenges, organisation engineers can help organisations become more efficient, productive, and successful.

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