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The Blueprint of Success: Navigating the Nine Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour [Insights Unveiled]

February 29, 20243 min read


In a recent post, we looked at the latest research from McKinsey on the importance of organisational health for long-term success. In this post, we will delve deeper into the nine factors that are being measured in the Organisational Health Index (OHI).

In the context of organisational health, the link between culture and behavioural dimensions is essential. These dimensions form the framework for a vibrant workplace and guide organisations towards sustained performance. As we explore the nine dimensions foundational to organisational excellence, we'll see how they shape a culture that supports success, encourages innovation, and builds resilience. Let's dive into understanding these dimensions and their impact on creating a strong organisational culture.

1. Accountability: The Cornerstone of Performance

Accountability is foundational to any successful organisation. It's about making sure that every individual understands their responsibilities, possesses the authority to make decisions, and feels a sense of ownership over the outcomes. This clear delineation of duties fosters a culture where individuals are empowered to deliver results.

2. Direction: Charting the Course Forward

A clear and compelling direction is vital. It encompasses communicating the organisation's vision, the strategies to achieve it, and what this journey means for every member of the team. This shared sense of purpose unites individuals, steering the organisation towards its goals.

3. Coordination and Control: Navigating the Organisational Ship

Effective coordination and control ensure that the organisation consistently measures and manages its operations and risks. Addressing problems proactively and maintaining a steady hand on the tiller are essential for smooth sailing.

4. External Orientation: Building Bridges Beyond Borders

Engaging with the world outside the organisational walls — customers, suppliers, and partners — is key to creating and delivering value. This outward focus helps anticipate future needs and ensures the organisation remains relevant and competitive.

5. Leadership: The Art of Influence

Leadership is about using a variety of styles to shape employees' actions and inspire high performance. Effective leaders adapt their approach to meet the needs of their team and the demands of the environment, cultivating a culture of excellence.

6. Innovation and Learning: The Engine of Growth

Innovation and learning are the lifeblood of any organisation aiming to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Encouraging a flow of new ideas, from incremental improvements to radical innovations, enables the organisation to evolve and grow.

7. Capabilities: Sharpening the Competitive Edge

The right mix of skills and talent is crucial for executing strategy and creating a competitive advantage. Developing and nurturing these capabilities ensures the organisation can not only survive but thrive.

8. Work Environment: Cultivating a Positive Culture

A positive work environment is built on a clear, consistent set of values and norms that foster effective workplace behaviours. This nurturing atmosphere encourages productivity and supports employee well-being.

9. Motivation: The Fuel for Extraordinary Effort

Motivating employees to develop loyalty, enthusiasm, and the drive to exert extraordinary effort is key to achieving peak performance. Inspiring people to give their best not only enhances individual satisfaction but also propels the organisation forward.


These nine dimensions of organisational behaviour offer a comprehensive framework for building a robust and resilient organisation. By navigating these dimensions with insight and purpose, businesses can cultivate a healthy workplace culture that not only supports long-term success but also fosters a sense of belonging and achievement among its members.

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