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10 Signs You Might Need to Reconsider Your Organisation Design [Essential Insights]

April 24, 20243 min read


In the fast-evolving business landscape, organisation design isn’t just a matter of internal structure—it’s a strategic imperative. How effectively your organisation is designed can profoundly impact its agility, productivity, and ultimately, its success. Here are ten critical signs that suggest your current organisation design might need a serious overhaul. Addressing these issues can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation, ensuring your company remains competitive and resilient.

1. Misalignment with Business Objectives

The Core Issue:

When teams and individuals are not working towards a unified goal or their activities don’t align with the overarching business objectives, it’s a glaring sign that your organisational structure requires attention.

2. Inefficient Task Management

The Symptom:

If tasks are consistently slipping through the cracks with no system to track and manage them, your process design is likely flawed. This inefficiency can be detrimental to your company’s output and morale.

3. Diluted Company Culture

The Cultural Cost:

As your team grows, maintaining a strong, cohesive culture becomes challenging. If you sense that your organisation’s DNA is weakening, consider this a red flag.

4. Complicated Collaboration

The Operational Pain:

When collaboration feels more like a hurdle than an enabler, especially across teams or departments, it’s time to reevaluate your organisational structure to facilitate smoother interactions.

5. Creeping Bureaucracy

The Growth Barrier:

Bureaucracy can start as a minor annoyance but soon grow into a major barrier to agility and innovation. If red tape is slowing you down, your organisational design needs streamlining.

6. Lack of Candid Communication

The Hidden Danger:

An environment where it’s hard to find partners for honest, forthright conversations is a troubling indicator that trust and openness need to be rebuilt.

7. Resistance to Change

The Innovation Stifler:

If adapting to change has become a Herculean task, it suggests that your organisation’s structure may be too rigid or outdated to support fluid, dynamic evolution.

8. Undefined Roles

The Clarity Problem:

Organisations in flux often struggle with role definitions. If you’re at a stage where roles aren’t clear yet you need them, it’s time to formalise your structure.

9. Stagnant Innovation

The Progress Blocker:

A healthy innovation pipeline is crucial. If yours is lacking—without distracting from core offerings—it signals a need for a redesign to better support creativity and development.

10. People Problems

The Leadership Challenge:

Regular occurrences of interpersonal issues can indicate poor alignment or support within teams. As roles evolve, so too should your organisation to support these changes.


Recognising these signs is only the first step. Taking proactive measures to address them through thoughtful organisation design can unlock potential, drive growth, and enhance your company’s resilience. At PerformanceNinja, we excel in crafting organisation structures that are not only efficient but also adaptable, ensuring leaders and their teams can achieve and exceed their strategic objectives.

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