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Are you convinced there is more potential in your organisation or team, but you can't seem to unlock it?

Common reasons why leaders engage PerformanceNinja


Lack of spare capacity

You and your team are too busy working in the organisation to work on it. You are already at capacity with little or no time for creative out of the box work.


Lack of objective distance

You and your team are simply too close to the issues you are facing, or perhaps candour is lacking as part of your organisations MO.


Lack of expertise

You and your team are experts in your product or market, but not in taking organisations to the next level. None of us knows everything, and sometimes we just need to call an expert.


Lack of knowledge

You and your team are focused on learning about your industry and clients and do not have time to find the latest technology tools.


Lack of an independent advisor

Your team are great, but you're still their boss and so you wonder if they really tell you what you need to hear. Someone seeing through fresh eyes will bring objectivity


Lack of change management experience

You and your team know that a change is required, but you aren't sure how to get from A to B. Using a third party to help navigate the waters of change can be a game-changer.

Bespoke implementation of our

Performance Framework

Helping transform your organisation through our innovative six point framework



Working with you to help develop their emotional intelligence, identify their strengths and weaknesses and helping you to create a psychologically safe culture.



Taking a deep dive to help identify your WHY, and creating strategies to embed your WHY into each functional area.



Helping you understand where you add value to your current client base, increasing its effectiveness and helping you differentiate from your competitors.



Understanding your metrics and identifying where improvements can be made to help you become more agile and able to respond to our changing world.



Analysing your processes to identify where improvements can be made through automation and elimination.



Developing your organisation to make the most of every opportunity, enlarging your vision and helping you cascade it to all your employees and stakeholders.

Working with you to find a solution that suits your situation and budget

Strategic Advisor

Regular sessions to enable and support you in achieving your goals


Working with you to develop and implement transformation that unlocks performance

Fractional Executive

Taking on a temporary and part-time role in your team to take things to the next level

So that you can achieve ...

  • More clarity, focus and alignment than ever before
  • Increased performance with the same or fewer resources
  • Reduced barriers to growth​
  • Improved long-term success
  • Higher employee engagement


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